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Pet Barriers – Best 5 You Should Choose From

Whether you are going on a trip, moving to a new city, or just taking your dog to the park, a quality pet barrier is a great accessory to have.

As a pet owner, I can assure you that traveling with a pet is not always easy. I have already found the best dog seat covers for protecting the interior of my vehicle, but that only provides protection for the back seats.

pet barriers

What about when my dog jumps to the front of the vehicle? Asking around, my friends and family recommended that I use a pet barrier.

The barrier keeps your pet from constantly trying to climb into the front seats while you drive. I decided to finally give one of these pet accessories a try. I looked at a number of different options and narrowed down the selection to five great pet barriers.

The following 5 pet barriers reviews offer the best solution for traveling with a dog or cat in your vehicle.


pet barriers
pet barriers

#1 – EZ Pet Barrier


The EZ Pet Barrier is a lightweight, metal barrier that installs along the back of your car seats. I like this feature. Instead of using a tension pole to press into the ceiling and flooring of your vehicle, the EZ Pet Barrier attaches to the back of the car seats.

Flexible cords secure the barrier to the headrests. No assembly is required. You simply slide the barrier into the back of your vehicle and secure it using the flexible cords provided.

The only downside to this pet barrier is that cats and smaller dogs may still be able to work their way through the metal bars. You cannot adjust the height of the bars, so the EZ Pet Barrier is best suited for medium to large-sized dogs.

Though, I worry that a rambunctious dog may find a way to squeeze around the sides of the bars. The EZ Pet Barrier can extend to 61-inches in width. This should work with larger vehicles, even pickups, and large SUV’s.

Basically, the EZ Pet Barrier provides a simple option for keeping pets in the back. It secures to the headrests and is built to last – you just might have trouble keeping smaller dogs from climbing upfront.

pet barriers
pet barriers

#2 – Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier


The Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier is nearly identical to the EZ Pet Barrier. It also attaches to the back of your car seats. The benefit of the Zoo Keeper is that it is easy to install, lightweight, and should work with just about any vehicle.

As with the EZ Pet Barrier, the Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier may not stop smaller pets from getting up front.

The Zoo Keeper Auto Pet Barrier has an adjustable width of 42 to 61-inches. The height is 28.75-inches and it should fit in almost any vehicle. The heavy gauge tubing ensures durability.

In the end, it is nearly the same product as the EZ Pet Barrier. If you choose one of these two options, you should compare the current sales price and choose the one with the best deal.

pet barriers
pet barriers

#3 – Paws ‘N’ Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier


If you want to stop smaller pets from getting up front, then you may want to look at the Paws ‘N’ Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier. Unlike the previous two pet barriers, this one will block smaller pets. It features a mesh cover wrapped around a metal frame.

The metal frame is designed to fit directly behind the two front seats. As with the previous two pet barriers, the Paws ‘N’ Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier secures in place with flexible cords attaches to the headrests.

This dog barrier does have a couple of drawbacks. It is a one-size-fits-all model. It is 56-inches wide. Though, I found that Paws ‘N’ Claws also have a 50-inch model.

This means that you will need to measure the width of the interior of your vehicle before purchasing. Measure just below the headrests.

The Paws ‘N’ Claws barrier is just as easy to install as the first two barriers. Slide the barrier in place and secure with the flexible cord behind the headrest.

I liked the idea of the previous two entries, but am worried about smaller dogs squeezing through the open bars. The Paws ‘N’ Claws pet barrier solves this problem by adding a mesh screen.

The screen is scratch and tear resistant, but I can imagine that over time this screen could receive some wear and tear.

pet barriers

#4 – WeatherTech Tubular Pet Barrier


The WeatherTech Tubular Pet Barrier is one of the most durable options in this list. It features tension poles for a secure fit in almost any vehicle. Of course, the downside to using tension poles is that they can leave indentations in the ceiling and flooring where they press against the fabric.

Though, they do have rubber tips to help prevent this problem.

The WeatherTech Tubular Pet Barrier features a series of crossbars, similar in design to the EZ Pet Barrier and the Zoo Keeper. The main difference is that the WeatherTech uses tension poles instead of securing to the headrest.

If you have a large dog and are worried about them pulling on the headrests, the WeatherTech pet barrier could be the best solution. Though, you should still take a look at the last pet barrier in this list.

pet barriers
pet barriers

#5 – Petego K9 Guard Universal Pet Safety Barrier


The Petego K9 Guard is also easy to install. One of the best features of this pet barrier is that it will not leave indentations or marks in the ceiling of your vehicle. This is the most adjustable of the 5 pet barriers reviewed. It uses adjustable bars that extend horizontally.

This way, the bars press against the sides of your vehicle instead of the flooring and ceiling.

As adjustable as the Petego K9 Guard Universal Pet Safety Barrier is, it may not fit every vehicle. You may have trouble with large SUV’s and pickup trucks, such as the Toyota Sienna, GMC Terrain, Chevy Suburban, or the Ford Expedition.

The maximum extension is 56-inches, which may not be wide enough for some of these larger vehicles.

The bottom line is that the Petego provides easy installation, durability, and will keep any dog from climbing up front.

 Choosing the Best Pet Carrier for Your Vehicle

If you are getting tired of dealing with a pesky pet that keeps wanting to climb into your lap or front seat while you are driving, then you should definitely consider getting a pet barrier. They offer a simple solution for keeping your pet in the back of the vehicle.

Before choosing any of these options, you should measure your vehicle. Measure the width of your vehicle, just below the headrest. You should also think about the method of installation.

That is the main difference between these 5 pet barriers.

The EZ Pet Barrier and the Zoo Keeper both feature tubular bars that attach to the back of the headrests. The Paws ‘N’ Claws barrier also connects to the headrests but features a mesh screen to keep smaller dogs in the back.

The WeatherTech and Petego barriers use tension poles. The WeatherTech extends vertically while the Petego barrier extends vertically.

Each of the five pet barriers reviewed has their own advantages. Think about the size of your vehicle and your specific needs when making your final decision.

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