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Keep Your Car Clean with Dog Seat Cover

You are probably already aware of the benefits of using a dog seat cover when taking your dog on a ride. If not, read this article first.  Now that you are well aware of the importance of investing in a dog seat cover, let’s have a look at the top 10 best seat covers available on the market.

dog seat covers

1. Plush Paws : learn more at
The dog seat cover from Plush Paws is quite similar to a hammock and it’s made of a non-slip material to help your dog enjoy the ride of his life without messing with your car.

This cover can protect your quality seat covers from paws, claws, hair and spills. The Plush Paws is made of 100% natural substances, with no ozone depleting or PVC.

This cover is also waterproof and it’s meticulously made to withstand a lot of pressure and plenty of liquid. To top it all, the Plush Paws seat cover comes with lifetime warranty, has 4.8 stars out of 5 from 650 reviewers and it’s quite affordable.

dog seat covers

2. Just 4 Pets : learn more at
With a rating of 4.9 stars from 84 reviewers and a whole lot of features, the seat cover from Just 4 Pets is undoubtedly one of the best seat covers for dogs available on the market.

This dog seat cover can be easily installed on any type of vehicle due to the customizable straps combined with the adjustable anchor system.

Just 4 Pets benefits of lifetime warranty and it’s made of the best material, which is both non-slip and waterproof.

dog seat covers

3. 4Knines : learn more at
This modern seat cover stands out of the crowd due to its “life-proof” material which is capable of holding all moisture and dirt without affecting your backseats.

The patented design features a classy look, while the quilted material provides an exceptionally comfortable ride.

The dog seat cover from 4Knines is probably one of the best options you have for protecting your backseats and avoid any unwanted upholstery punctures, seat tears and leather scrapes.

dog seat covers

4. ViewPets : learn more at
The cover from ViewPets is quite inexpensive. At about $40, you get a one-piece removable seat cover that is machine washable and can suit all cars, including trucks and SUVs.

The dog seat cover from ViewPets has only 1 year warranty and does not have all the bells and whistles of other covers, but at least it’s cheaper and has a fairly high rating of 4.8 stars.

dog seat covers

5. Devoted Doggy : learn more at
The guys from Devoted Doggy have done a marvelous job when designing their model of dog seat cover. This creative team has definitely spent hours designing this product.

Due to the multiple seat anchors, the seat cover from Devoted Doggy is devoted to protecting your upholstery and backseat covers.

This hammock-type cover protects your vehicle against all types of dog damage.

In addition to all standard features offered by the top 10 best seat covers, the Devoted Doggy cover includes a universal, adjustable dog seat belt to give your pup a safe ride while enabling him to enjoy just enough freedom he needs without destroying your car’s interior.

dog seat covers

6. Dog Gone: learn more at

Ultimate Waterproof Seat Cover
This product has an almost flawless rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on and it’s considered one of the best seat covers from a price per value standpoint.

This hammock-type cover includes side flaps to protect your seat sides. The detachable bed is perfectly designed to be sanitized and machine washed time and time again.

This seat cover is unique due to its astounding design. While the hammock prevents your dog from falling to the floor, the fleece offers your dog a soft surface where he can lie down and relax.

Additionally, the leather reinforced straps keep the cover in place, while the large storage pocket is perfect for carrying some dog items with you.

dog seat covers

7. DWK Luxury : learn at
This product is perfect not just for your dog, but also for kids and toddlers. The micro fiber velvet material is quite luxurious and extremely soft to the touch.

The DWK Luxury Dog Seat Cover comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, so if you are not fully satisfied with it, you can return it anytime.

This seat cover fits virtually all vehicles, even large SUVs. It even includes side flaps to protect the edges of seats when your dog is jumping in and out.

Got an excitable pooch? Install this cover hammock-style to create a barrier between the front and back seats, helping to keep your pet safe and you focused on the road.

dog seat covers

8. Cargo Liner : learn more at
This is a highly personalized cargo liner for all types of SUVs.

Unlike many other cargo liners available on the market, this product made by 4Knines is free of heavy metals and azo dyes like mercury, lead or arsenic.

Additionally, thanks to the high-temperature rated backing, the cargo liner does not slip or budge.

This product comes with unconditional lifetime warranty, so if the product is not satisfactory anymore, you can get your money back.

dog seat covers

9. Petego Hammock : learn more at
This hammock is very durable and was made to last, it has variety of loops and attachments to make it stay put. Very easy to install.

Moreover, this product created by Petego has a rating of 4.9 out of 5, which is almost perfect. This means the Petego Hammock Pet Protector is an absolutely lovely dog protection tool for your backseat.

This is the only dog cover made from durable canvass-like material that is extremely easy to clean. Some other features that make this seat cover stand out on the market are the superior anchoring, wide neoprene belts and anti-skid mesh.

dog seat covers

10. Pet Craft : learn more at
This is a premium dog seat cover for your vehicle with a very good rating and standardized features.

This cover includes all the features of the previous covers, such as premium quality, extra protection, non-slip, gear pocket and seat belt access.

Probably the only reason the Pet Craft seat cover needs to be in the top 10 best seat covers is that it has an almost perfect rating of 4.9 stars and most customers were happy with their purchase.

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