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When you are planning to take your dog out for a walk, the idea is always to enjoy a peaceful and exciting moment for both you and the dog. More often, however, this moment is interrupted by your overexcited companion who is trying to sniff and run towards anything and everything in sight.

This is a problem experienced by most dog owners, and sincerely, it can be quite annoying. Sometimes it even reaches a point where you completely avoid going out with your pet leaving him/her bored on the dog beds.

stop pulling on the leash

Seeing another individual on the street walking with a calm and peaceful dog starts to appear like some rocket science stuff to you. If you are part of the large populace that goes through this, then I have good news for you!

There are guidelines and tips which can help you to permanently get rid of the tug-of-war problem that you go through with your dog. These tips come highly recommended by dog trainers due to their effectiveness in dealing with this issue.

Before you learn about them, however, you need to be aware of some of the commonly made mistakes that can make your dog go, rogue, every time you are out for a walk. Some of these errors include the choice of harness or collar that you are using on your dog.

Other similar mistakes that most dog owners do are available online together with their solutions.

Before you start teaching your dog to stop pulling on the leash, therefore, you should ensure that you are not making any of these mistakes. It makes the training easier and also quicker for your dog to learn.

Few Tips To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash

The most important tip for ensuring that your dog doesn’t keep on pulling the leash is by calming it before starting the walk. This, unfortunately, is not as easy as it sounds and most dog owners can relate.

Sometimes a dog could be very calm and relaxed in the house, but the moment you open your outside door or show up with a leash they suddenly turn into an uncontrollable crazy animal. This is entirely reasonable.

stop pulling on the leash

If you, however, decide to go out and leave the house with such an overexcited dog then you should expect a lot of problems because it will only get worse. You thus, need to take your time and calm down the dog to avoid this.

Some of the best ways of calming a dog in such occasions are through:

a. First, you need to curb the excitement in the dog while still in the house. If the dog is causing a havoc before you even leave then show it that you are not entertaining that behavior. Yes, I know right now you are wondering how in the world do you do that. It’s actually very simple.

Don’t put the leash on them until they calm down. If you notice that the dog is taking a little too long to calm down then put the leash away and go on doing your activities. Doing this will show the dog that you are not impressed by its behavior. Putting the leash on, however, will be like a reinforcement which will, in the end, escalate this problem.

Of course, this will not get to rectify your dog’s behavior right away, but it’s a massive step towards getting to the ultimate goal.

In case you already have the leash on walking around, and then the dog suddenly starts pulling around then you can calm them down through cutting the walk short. Here, you can decide to stop and let your dog know you are not unhappy or take a seat nearby to discourage its behavior.

Dogs are brilliant pets and learn once guided towards the right direction. They don’t do so instantly though. You will need to invest your time and effort, but in the end, it will be worth it.

b. There are many devices on the market designed to ensure your dog heels. Most of these devices are available in online and pet stores and are very useful in keeping a dog under control.

In this YouTube video by a renowned Doggy Dan trainer, for example, we see the usage of a unique front harness device distinctively made to ensure that a dog follows your lead.

Unlike many other traditional harnesses, this one is attached to the dog’s chin and not on its back. It, therefore, discourages the dog from pulling you around. You can find other similar devices to relax your dog.

c. The next effective way is by letting the dog know who is in charge. How best to do so if not by going in the opposite direction to which it’s pulling you? This sounds crazy, but it actually helps.

If you notice your dog is pulling towards the left then right away go to the right. Don’t take too long to react. Doing so will let the dog understand that you are in charge. It will quite its little insane errands, and soon it will be effortlessly following you!

d. Finally, you need to learn on how to be the pack leader between you and your dog. This is a huge topic that as a dog owner you simply can’t afford not to know. There are lots of tutorials and guidelines online on how to best become the pack leader. Doggy Dan’s website has a comprehensive coverage of this topic.

stop pulling on the leash

Profesional Trainer Will Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash

Let your dog know that you love the two of you being beside each other by rewarding it every time it’s close to you. Keep the treats and other goodies to yourself whenever it starts pulling away. After some time you will realize that the dog has mastered your needs and you will no longer need the treats to have it by your side.

Teaching your dog to stop pulling on the leash is crucial not just to you but your dog as well. Every time you feel the dog trying to unplug your arm from its sockets because of pulling imagine how its neck is feeling. Must be painful, right? Therefore, why don’t you take your time and try to get rid of this pain that both of you experience?

Doggy Dan’s website alone has over 250 videos showing you how to handle dogs and teaching it how to stop pulling on the leash is one of them. Go ahead and check them out and together with the above-discussed guidelines we guarantee you impressive outcomes!

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