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Furbo Dog camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a modern treat-tossing device that enables pet owners to keep tabs on their dogs when leaving home, when going hunting or in any other location or circumstance that requires them to separate from their beloved pet.

Packing a 1080p resolution camera coupled with night vision mode, an original design that appeals to dogs and the two-way audio for flawless communication, the Furbo Dog Camera is an excellent pet-friendly Wi-Fi gadget.

Furbo Dog Camera

Who Should Consider Buying the Furbo Dog Camera?

First of all, if you care for your pet and most of all you care about your belongings, this gadget is ideal for you. The Furbo Dog Camera enables you to see what your pet friend is doing at home whenever you are gone. If your dog is restless in nature, one of this cameras could prove invaluable in keeping your property safe.

Another great use of this dog surveillance device is when hunting, biking, hiking, or having any other outdoor activity. You can link the Furbo Dog Camera with the new Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar  and ensure that your dog is always on the radar. In case he doesn’t answer to your video feed, you can always track his position using the T5 GPS collar.

Ultimately, consider buying the Furbo camera is you regularly take your dog with you in the park, at the mall or even at shopping. This device will give you the peace of mind that your best friend is safe and will never get lost or do something stupid.

Design Of Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo is specifically designed for dogs. With input from 5,000+ professional dog trainers and vets, this device is as dog-friendly as they come. When it comes to design, this Wi-Fi connected home camera looks gorgeous. Being finished in glossy white and being equipped with a removable wooden lid, it looks like a mini-robotic dog that tries to connect with your pup.

This dog-friendly device has been tested on all breeds of dogs, so you can rest assured that your canine friend will enjoy connecting with it.

Performance & Features Of Furbo Dog Camera

In terms of performance, the 1080p camera can easily outperform most other home monitors available on the market. The camera quality is exceptional, being able to provide crisp & clear footage even in low-light conditions. Moreover, thanks to the night vision feature and 160 viewing angle, you can literally capture any detail, both during the day and during the night.

The fact that the wide-angle camera is strategically placed to aim downward gives you a vantage point to discover what your dog is doing during at all times. He won’t even notice that he’s being watched.

Of course, if you want to use the camera outside, such as the forest or in the park, you need to ensure that you mount it slightly above your dog level.

One of the most interesting features of this gadget is tossing treats. While you need to be careful not to hit your dog in the face when tossing his favorite treat at him, you need to make sure that he sees your treats. For that you need to use the treat calling feature. Remember, you can store over 100 treats inside the device. This should be more than enough for your dog for several hours.

Another great feature is the bark alert. Whenever your dog barks, the device sends a notification to your mobile phone. This feature could prove a lifesaving in a deep forest, as your dog might try to warn you that an enemy is approaching.

The treat calling function works hand in hand with the treat tosser. Before giving him his favorite treats, make sure to record your voice to announce your friend that a goodie is coming his way.

Lastly, the mobile app is extremely easy to use. In addition to viewing real-time what your dog is doing alone at home, in the forest or in the park, the app allows you to take photos, dispense the treats and talk to your dog.


The modern, good-looking Furbo Dog Camera can be installed in as much as 3-minutes. You can connect it with Alexa and with Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar for better usage. You can literally use this device to strengthen the relationship between you and your best friend, while keeping an eye on him and protecting your home from potential damage.

The Furbo dog camera device is a gold-mine for any dog owner. Do you agree?

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