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Most dogs sleep for up to 12 hours a day, especially in the cold season. As your precious dog spends most of his time indoors for at least one more month, it is imperative to know how to select the right bed for your best friend so this way you can keep him off your personal bed .

dog bed

As a dog owner, I can guarantee you that your partner will love you for providing him with quality bedding. Since dogs spend almost half a day or even more sleeping, buying a cozy and comfortable bed is even more important for your dog than it is for you, who in turn spend only 7-8 hours sleeping.

How can you choose the right bed for your dog ? It all depends on your dog, of course. While most dogs won’t be able to tell their masters about their needs, you can easily determine what bed suits your dog by evaluating his age, size and habits.

The number of dog bed models is mind boggling. Just a quick browse online or a visit to a huge Pet Expo will reveal a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles for every budget and every dog need.

When choosing a bed for your dog, you need to keep in mind some ground rules. Here are the most important rules when buying a bed for your pet:

– Washable bed:

in order to control fleas, dirt and odor, you need to be able to wash the bedding. For large dogs, you should only wash the cover.

– Choose the right bed for dogs with anxiety:

if your dog suffers from anxiety, you should probably go with a bolster dog bed or a cozy cave.

– Buy something special for dogs with arthritis:

my dog has arthritis, and I can tell you from my experience that nothing works for him better than an orthopedic memory foam bed. In case your dog is very old and he’s prone to bladder leakage, do not forget to buy a waterproof cover or a whole waterproof orthopedic bed.

– Does he have allergies?:

in case your dog is allergic to dust, cedar or any other substance or material, it is wise to cover his bed with a hypoallergic bed cover, made of waterproof Nanopore fabric.

– Your home is quite small:

if you suffer from a lack of space in your home or apartment, you should go with a corner bed. These unique dog beds can easily fit where furniture can’t. Another option you can go with is a dog bed that can be used as an end table or crate.

– You are concerned with your dog odor:

if you want to eliminate dog odor or at least reduce it to a minimum, it is wise to choose a cedar filled bed. These modern beds can dramatically reduce your dog’s natural odor.

Even though these beds are not as comfortable as cotton beds and do not offer the level of support offered by padded beds, they are the best way to keep your house odor free.

Understanding Dog Bed Types

There 4 main types of dog beds you can choose from:

1. Orthopedic mattress:

Orthopedic dog mattressthis type of bed is just perfect for older dogs, as it provides the perfect balance between support and comfort. Most of these models come heated, which is even better for dogs with arthritis or joint pains.

2. Bolster bed:

this type of bed features raised sides in order to give your small dog the highest level of security and comfort. Bolster beds are particularity useful for small dogs or for puppies prone to anxiety.

3. Cot Pet Bed:

this bed is perfect for dogs who love spending a lot of time outside, as it keeps your pet cold during the warm summer months and hot during the winter. This inexpensive bed can be placed in your back yard during summer or balcony during the cold months.

4. Pillow bed:

this type of dog bed is perfect for small companions who enjoy nesting and burrowing. One of the biggest benefits of this type of bedding is that it can be thrown into the washing machine anytime you need it cleaned.

When looking to buy the right type of bed for your dog, you should also take into consideration the following options:

  • mats,
  • loose-fill beds,
  • hammock-type beds,
  • egg-crate foam bedding or a waterproof material placed on the floor.

The last option is the most inexpensive one, but one that won’t make your dog thank you.

Choose the right bed for your dog and make him happy once again.